Chris Craft Commander Rendezvous !  
Huron, Ohio, on Lake Erie ! 

Another historical event in classic Chris Craft boating !

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2010 Huron Rendezvous UPDATE !

2010 Chris Craft Commander Rendezvous, Huron, Ohio, on beautiful Lake Erie; an update about the Chris Craft Commander Forum, Inc., involvement this year.

This web site was initially set up and dedicated to support the
Huron, Ohio, Chris Craft Commander Rendezvous of 2008 and 2009.  It has been partially deactivated and will eventually be re-used for other purposes.  Since I have received so many emails and phone calls about the 2010 Huron event due to my prior involvement, I thought it would be appropriate to put a few notes here on an interim basis, explaning why The Chris Craft Commander Forum, Inc.,  is no longer involved with this event.  Hopefully this interim
note will help avoid having to repeat it in so many private emails or phone calls.

 Chris Craft Commander Forum, Inc. 
served as a voluntary co-organizer, sponsor, financial contributor, and the prime promotions/communication medium for this fun event for two years, and promoted it world-wide with electronic and printed media.   This work consumed a lot of time and cash (programs, travel, contacts for guest speakers, funding the hotel accommodations for a guest speaker, champagne receptions, web site expenses, etc.).  It was a heck of a lot of fun, a worthy cause and I was committed to doing it again.   During the winter of 2009 the 
local event organizers advised me they had been approached directly by another organization, who offered (and negotiated terms) to call the 2010 event their own.   
Although a possibility of involvement was discussed with the local guys, formal announcements have subsequently been published and I have not been
contacted by this organization during their initial contacts or
or afterwards, to assist or be involved in any capacity.  
The Forum is therefore not involved with the
 2010 Huron Rendezvous this year.

To all the wonderful people I've met in Huron during the last two years
(some of whom just hung up the phone, calling from the Huron Yacht Club bar, of all places),
 I wish you a fabulous summer and a fun event this year, as I know there is enough inertia and good-will and fun memories of the past to assure this year will be a success
 again this year.  I look forward to seeing the photos,
so please take some and send them in ! 

The up-side of this change of venue has allowed me to
focus time and attention elsewhere for 2010.  Although I'm naturally sad not to be
involved in Huron, I am absolutely thrilled to announce direct involvement
in two great events coming up this summer; one an independent high-end
charity-based concours boat/car show, and the other with the prestigious
Antique and Classic Boat Society, inc., at their Annual Meeting.
  Both events just happened to be at the world-class
Bay Harbor Resort on Lake Michigan !

~~~~~~~~~~    Here are the details !!     ~~~~~~~~~~

Chris Craft Commander Rendezvous
at the Bay Harbor Vintage Car and Boat Show,
Bay Harbor, Michigan, June 24 - 27  !

A fantastic combination of vintage classic cars and boats, evening cruise, car rides, fun!!

ACBS Annual Meeting and Boat Show
Bay Harbor, Michigan, September 15 - 18 !

Autumn boating action ACBS style, first class all the way!
I am honored to present an hour-long program at this event featuring the classic fiberglass Chris Craft Commander, and I am doubly honored to be given an opportunity to do so immediately after Herb Pocklington gives his keynote address, presentation, and his personal perspectives on classic boating to this same group.   For ACBS to schedule a presentation
on classic fiberglass Commanders like this at their Annual Meeting and Boat Show, is
proof the fiberglass Chris Craft Commander has finally reached the appreciation and
 increasing collector status this line of boats so richly deserves!  Naturally, a small
fleet of Chris Craft Commanders we hope to attract to this event will garner
the admiration and respect from some of the most informed
antique and classic boat enthusiasts anywhere in the world !
History is in the making, be there !


These are two fabulous opportunities to "have fun and share information",
 which is our motto by the way, and the reason The Chris Craft Commander Forum, Inc. exists in the first place.  There are lots of Commanders in these areas and we're looking forward to photographing them and publishing the images too! 
If you have a Commander within range of either of these
two events, picture yourself docked within this
setting, having some first-class fun!

Stay tuned, if you can't make it in person, it will all be reported on The Forum !

To my Huron friends, I hope to see you all again in the future, hopefully some of you
will be able to make it to Northern Lake Michigan and join us at Bay Harbor.
In the interim all of you please feel welcome to stop by "The Forum" and say hello,
you know you are always welcome!

Sincerely, best, smooth classic Commander cruising !

Paul Pletcher

Chris Craft Commander Forum, Inc.
2008 and 2009 Huron Co-organizer and Financial Sponsor. 

Publisher:  The Legacy of the Fiberglass Chris Craft Commander



 The following links at the bottom of the page will be loaded with
information about both of these events at Bay Harbor, Michigan.
Stay tuned, and stay with classic fiberglass Chris Craft Commander boating !
It's not a's a lifestyle !


PHOTO ABOVE:  General view of the harbor, 2008.

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